For 30 years Udo Rienhoff has lead the Hertz franchise in Austria. His passion for cars is not only professional, he has also raced a Shelby Cobra 427 in the Histo-Cup for several years now, and plans to race for several years more. With the classic cars he combines a personal enthusiasm that he can connect to the car rental industry with a lifetime of experience.

Alexander Grimme has worked for over 18 years in the classic car range. With an education in event management and an experience of more than 100 organized rallies and tours he can make your personal event to your liking. His experience ranges from one-day tours to multi-day rallies over several countries including complete organization, PR and side events.

Michael Sramek worked for 15 years as a specialist on classic cars and now with Hertz Classics as “chief engineer”. He is not only responsible for the mechanics, but also as an allrounder for rally and touring support, organizing special stages and generally accurate staging of events. His perfectionism is the guarantee for the quality of our vehicles.

Alexander Steiner is a partner with extensive experience in the field of rally planning and execution incl. special stages and creating road books in Austria and abroad. Due to his technical training and decades of personal experience in various motor sports, he combines all the components for a smooth flow of the respective events. For the Perchtoldsdorf Charity Classic, which is held bi-annually since 2011, Alexander Steiner is responsible for the roadbook and implementation of the rally, for the organization and special stages he acts as an interface between planning and execution.

The large team of Hertz Classics is prepared with its many years of experience to carry out a perfect event with fantastic vehicles for you.