Incentive Epicure Tours and Classic Car Rallies

Emotion, History, Myth, outstanding enduring quality – there are many terms to be referenced with Classic Cars.

We offer you a real experience. An easy going adventure that evokes a bygone time, where design, power and pressence was a vital ingredient in motor vehicle design.

Experience our Classic Car‘s with your client‘s, employee‘s, friend‘s or just find like-minded individual‘s during one of our events. For tour‘s in Austria and all over Europe we can offer you a complete package including flight‘s, hotel‘s, culinary art and other tour‘s relevent to the area or region that you wish to visit. This is arranged in association with our wide range of international partner‘s.

If desired we provide a professional Classic Car Rally, that contain‘s roadbook‘s, time keeping and special stage‘s. These are not designed for speed, but more for dexterity and precision like at famous Mille Miglia or Ennstal Classic.

The most exclusive Classic Car experience available!

Burgenland – The sunny side of Austria

Discover the amazing roads of the Leitha mountain‘s and enjoy the view‘s of the largest lake in Austria, Lake Neusiedl with its largest contiguous belt of reed beds.

Visit the fantastic fauna and flora of the UNESCO World Heritage National park of Seewinkel.

Witness varied cultural areas of lower Austria, for example the famous Castle Esterhazy.

Enjoy the outstanding cuisine of the sunnyland, including wines from one of the best red wine regions in the world.

Wachau – World Heritage along the Danube

Explore the Wachau region, chosen by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful historic region‘s in the world.

Find yourself in the middle of the blossoming apricot trees and pass one of the spectacular wine routes of the region.

See the wonderful sight‘s along the Danube whilst driving along the romantic road‘s across of the unique landscape‘s of the Wachau.

The combination of exceptional native cuisine coupled with the best „Riesling“ wine region in the world will enchant and allure you to this region.

Salzkammergut – Mountains and lake scenery

Let yourself be inspired by one of the greatest areas of the Alps. Experience friendly town‘s and castle‘s, dark green lake‘s, roaring river‘s and fascinating towering mountain‘s.

Along Fuschllake, Wolfganglake, Matt lake or one of the other 70 Lake‘s you will find the most scenic and breathtaking vista‘s on the planet.

Drive up the mountain‘s for a hearty snack in an alpine chalet or try the best restaurant in Austria, „Resturant Obauer“ in Werfen.

Experience a nice cultural trip to the outstanding Porsche Museum of Mr. Piech, or visit the Imperial Villa in Bad Ischl.

Switzerland – Zürich, Lake Geneva and Lake Maggiore

Delight yourself driving along the lakeside scenery of the historic Swiss Capital Zürich.

Around the famous exclusive City of St. Moritz, experience the most terrific alpine roads and passes located in the Swiss mountain range.

Starting at the Lake Geneva, you find a sensational Tour which crosses the French and Swiss Alps along marvellous alpine road‘s.

With mediterranean flair, Lake Maggiore invites you to drive along the emarkable road‘s along the National Park and the neighbouring Lake Lugano and Lake Como.

Bavaria – Gently hills, mountains and blue-white tradition

From Berchtesgaaden countryside to Germany‘s Alpstreet you can explore and discover the fascinating diversity and variety that this area has to offer.

You pass hilly landscape‘s, high summit‘s, traditional farming village‘s, historical town‘s and drive along many dignified castle‘s, monasterie‘s and fairy tale palace‘s.

A region, where traditions are cultivated, lived and further enhanced by the hospitality of your Bavarian host‘s with their hearty cuisine and enticing snack‘s.

Enjoy the panoramic route‘s, along Lake König and the famous WatzmannMountain‘s, you may visit Castle Schwansstein as a highlight for all driver‘s of this particular route.

Côte d’Azur – Incomparably magic Riviera

Enjoy the incredible landscape of the french Riviera, with it‘s picturesque coastline.

Discover renowned citys like Cannes, Antibes and drive along the magical „Promenade des Anglais“ in Nice.

This beautiful coastline also gives way to the Alps where you find a timeless area that has remained largely unchanged over the years.

Drive a classic convertible through the route‘s along the legendary Rallye Monte Carlo and enjoy the views of historical mountain villages.

Czech Republic – Slovakia – Golden Town – High Tatra

Go on a Journey through Boehmia where you will enjoy the beautiful landscape‘s dotted with Castles and vast forest route‘s.

In Prague you will be welcomed by the highlight‘s of this wonderful World Heritage centre. The city is the home of a hundred tower‘s and an UNESCO Monument.

The High Tatra offers you an alpine panorama with high-lying mountain area‘s and occasional snow fields.

The smallest high mountain region in the world, provides a vista of natural beauty. Over the pass roads you reach the amazing National Park and the miraculous mountain lakes.

Hungary and Slovenia – Balaton und coastal roads

The lake Balaton is the largest inland lake of Middle Europe and lies in the national park of Somogyer hill country.

Around the lake you will experience fascinating and captivating elevating landscape‘s through the surroundings of the danube metropole and main city of Budapest with its own low mountain range.

A journey crossing Slovenia feels as though you have journeyed through several countries in a short period of time.

Powerful alpine peaks, deep Karst cave‘s, wide planes, embedded in impressive lake‘s and quiet forrest‘s extending to the roaring sea surf. Variety such as this, you will only find in this exceptional country.